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Our Water

Proud Source Water is sealed at the source in Mackay, Idaho, guarded by one of the most prominent peaks in the Rocky Mountains, Mt. McCaleb. As water from rain and snow filters through layers of ancient rock, it is purified and transformed naturally, absorbing essential minerals that make it alkaline. The difference is in the taste; pristine and exceptionally crisp, crafted 100% by Mother Nature. Our proud source is millions of years in the making.

Proud Source® follows all FDA requirements for spring water filtration including UV and Ozone disinfecting systems.

Proud Source Water® is 100% spring water with zero additives. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality spring water, crafted by mother nature. 

Proud Source Water® 100% spring water comes from the ground with natural occurring minerals and electrolytes. Our water has a balanced level of minerals with high levels of calcium and bicarbonates. 

By definition, water with a pH (potential of hydrogen) greater than 7.4 can be considered alkaline. Water becomes naturally alkaline when it picks up mineral nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other essential minerals from rocks while flowing through streams. These natural minerals affect the pH level and therefore make the water naturally alkaline. 

A quick Google Search will reveal that most common bottled water has an acidic pH- lower than 7. Alkaline water, on the other hand, is very rare in the natural world. Less than 1% of the worlds water is naturally high alkaline and Proud Source Water takes pride in bottling our 8.5pH alkaline water at the source.