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Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors


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As a Proud Source brand ambassador, you’ll enjoy awesome perks, free products, swag and potential tickets to sponsored events. Oh, and your friends, family + followers will get 25% off their purchase! 

Featured Ambassadors

Picture of Tara with Proud Source Water

"I love Proud Source because it feels good knowing exactly where my water came from and that I'm doing my part drinking from a 100% recyclable bottle. The taste is light, refreshing and revitalizing."

Picture of Brandon on a cliff by the Ocean

"I love Proud Source because of the mission they have to change the world one bottle at a time. The people behind the brand are amazing. Everyone has a passion to make a difference and be a part of a global change."

Picture of Morgan smiling in the mountains

“I love Proud because their infinitely recyclable bottles pack light into the backcountry & they fund outdoor cleanups. By this small choice, I can take less and give back to the earth. I choose Proud to fuel my adventures because they choose to protect my home.”

picture of Lane Cunningham

“Proud Source Water to me is more than water, they  are a leading example of how we should consider our effects on our planet even at our most basic necessities. They've managed to show how you can maintain an exceptional product and respect where it comes from!"

Picture of Erin and her daughter with Proud Source Water bottles

“I love proud source water for so many reasons! The taste, the natural minerals and electrolytes, Infinitely recyclable. No way I’m drinking from plastic. Plastic is everywhere in our oceans. I’m supporting a brand that cares for our environment- keeping what we love beautiful and thriving.”

Picture of Andrew swinging a golf club

“I was never picky with drinking water BEFORE I was introduced to Proud Source Water. The pure taste is one thing but knowing it’s environmentally friendly makes it even better”

Picture of friends clinking aluminum bottles of Proud Source Water

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