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The Ripple Effect

Why Water Source Matters

When was the last time you looked at the bottled water you were drinking and read where it came from? It’s often easy to overlook the source of what we consume and the process of how it gets into the bottle from which we drink. Water is a vital part of our wellness and livelihood, and we at Proud believe that source is everything. 

We take pride in the journey our water takes to travel from the Rocky Mountains to our production facility and into our aluminum bottles. The water we source is a result of the Yellowstone supervolcano caldera. Deep within the crust of this crater lies an aquifer, which is a body of rock and sediment that stores groundwater. Because of the unique location of this aquifer, several active faults naturally push this water up through thousands of layers of mineral-rich rock, which in turn, causes its alkalinity.


Our source not only matters because of this natural filtration process, but also the location where the filtration takes place. Located at the base of Mt. McCaleb lies Mackay, Idaho, a mining town that was founded in the late 1800s. In its prime, Mackay was loaded with copper and silver and brought hundreds of miners eager to strike it rich. However, as the mines ran dry, the small town has only been able to rely on farming and tourism.

Main Street in Mackay, Idaho

Mackay had been in need of a boost as the town struggled with economic growth and job creation. Fortunately, in early 2017, Proud Source Water established a production facility to bottle the pristine spring water at the base of Mt McCaleb, and the company has created jobs for the town of Mackay.  The once-struggling economic community has experienced a positive resurgence and the bottling facility housed in Mackay, Idaho is now a source of pride for the community. We are proud to bottle naturally alkaline spring water while benefiting the community and conserving our planet. Beyond the bottle, there is a story, and we love to share ours.