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The Ripple Effect

Proud Source Water Partners with Surfrider Foundation

Earlier this year, as part of Proud Source Water’s membership with 1% for the Planet, we decided to team up with the Surfrider Foundation to support their efforts to reduce plastic pollution. Since 1984, Surfrider has worked to reduce plastic pollution, increase ocean protection, beach access, coastal preservation, and clean water. As enthusiasts of all things water, the Proud Source family felt incredibly drawn towards this fantastic non-profit and everything they stand for.

Surfrider members traveled to Washington D.C to meet with federal leaders

(Photo Credit: Surfrider Foundation)

Plastic is all around us, but it has become more of an issue in our oceans than ever before. From litter on beaches to plastic transmission through storm drains, ocean plastic continues to harm wildlife and disrupt the food chain.  This is why choosing reusable products such as aluminum bottles, or metal straws is so essential to this crisis. Additionally, our oceans face threats from offshore drilling, renewables, and shipping. The Surfrider Foundation has funded initiatives that are meant to preserve our oceans and protect them from these challenges.

Surfrider ocean clean-up

(Photo Credit: Surfrider Foundation)

This year, in partnership with Surfrider Foundation, 1% of Proud Source Water’s gross profits will be dedicated to beach cleanups, education, habitat protection, and advocacy to eliminate ocean pollution. In the last decade, the Surfrider Foundation has conducted over 2,000 cleanups, removed over 650,000 pounds of trash, and has engaged over 100,000 volunteers. Since January of  2020, they have achieved 36 victories out of the hundreds of active campaigns running across the United States. We are stoked to be working with this amazing organization and look forward to the waves they will continue making in the future!