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The Ripple Effect

Our Earth Day Manifesto

(Photo courtesy of Dominik Jirovsky)

Every day is Earth Day.

At Proud Source, we strongly believe business practices need to continue to change, transparency should be at the forefront of brand goals and the plastic industry needs to be disrupted. We are Proud to be a catalyst for change in this industry and for our planet.

From our Proud family to yours, we hope this manifesto offers inspiration and hope for a brighter future for our planet. For all of us.


Somewhere along the way we’ve come to believe that man-made is best-made. That we own this planet and its resources. That chemicals and artificial filters are purer than crystal springs born from volcanic rock. That what people think of our water is more important than the water itself. 

The truth is, the Earth knows more about water than we ever will and we are Proud to follow its lead. To evolve with, not against it. To draw answers from within its ancient caverns. Because crazy as it seems, this is not about us. It is not about the bottles, the minerals, or even the filters. This is about principles. Principles that spring from a bedrock of transparency, integrity, and truth. And trickle down into every facet of our practices. Because at the root of every global transformation is a source, and we’ve found ours.

Happy Earth Day.


The Proud Team