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The Ripple Effect

How Much of Our Bottle is Recycled?

Proud Source Water believes that aluminum is the future for bottled water given its infinite recyclability, scrap value, and light weight. That’s why we’ve committed to eliminate single-use plastic by opting for the sustainable features of aluminum. A question we’re often asked is, “How much of the bottle comes from recycled material versus new aluminum material?” The truth is, the number isn’t as high as you’d hope. 

On average, we are guaranteed that 25% of our bottles come from recycled material, with that number coming from a mix of post-consumer and post-industrial materials. While this number is lower than expected, the limiting factor is a consequence of the actions of consumers and infrastructure alike.

Compared to Germany, who recycles 64% of their waste, the U.S. only captures 34% of recyclable waste. Consequently, our low recycling rates create a shortage in recycled material. With larger industries, such as Boeing and General Motors, having priority on recycled aluminum, it makes it even harder for us to source this repurposed material.  

In a perfect world, our bottles would contain 100% recycled content. While this is not the case, it is our job to increase that number. We want to continue educating and raising awareness on the importance of recycling. When more aluminum is recycled, more is available for production. 

What Can I Do?

Do your part and throw your bottle in the correct binthe recycling bin. Avoid single-use plastics and shop sustainably. Do your research on municipal and local recycling guidelines. Together, we can create a fully circular economy, an economy where we can proudly say, “The bottle I’m drinking now will soon be another bottle on shelf for someone else to enjoy.”