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The Ripple Effect

How Generation Wild is inspiring families to get outside

Nature is calling, and we hope to see you out there in it. 

Here at Proud Source Water, we strive to celebrate our beautiful world by making choices to take care of it. We believe in the importance of finding time to be outside and soaking in the wonders of our planet.

Unfortunately, in recent years, fewer and fewer families are making the effort to go outside.

In the U.S. today, the average child spends less than seven minutes outside per day, less than any generation before. Meanwhile, the time children spend in front of screens has dramatically increased to an average of seven hours a day, according to the National Recreation and Park Association.

Generation Wild plans to change this. 

Launched in 2017, the Great Outdoors of Colorado (known as GOCO) started an initiative called Generation Wild, which aims to reconnect children (and adults) to the great outdoors. Since its inception nearly four years ago, GOCO has partnered with over 250 organizations with similar missions and successfully built a campaign that has left a lasting impact across Colorado and the United States.

Part of Generation Wild’s initiative was to create a list of “100 Things to Do” as a way to offer inspiration for outdoor activities for families. Some of these include rolling down a hill or skipping rocks across a lake; dancing in the rain or digging up worms. 

According to a study conducted by Stanford University, children who play outside reap a variety of benefits, including a decrease in stress and anxiety, an increase of growth in creativity and imagination, an improvement in physical health, and a stronger immune system. Playing outside has even been shown to reduce the symptoms of ADHD in some children.

Since the start of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, going outside has never been more crucial for a child’s well-being. When it would be easy to stay inside, more and more people are finding themselves venturing into the outdoors. According to a study conducted by the University of Montana, outdoor recreation provides an important means of coping in times of crisis or disaster, and this has proven to be true during the worldwide pandemic.

To further the initiative, Generation Wild introduced a fictional character named Wilder to encourage children and adults to rediscover a love for the outdoors. He’s a cross between a bigfoot and a goat, and while he may be a little alarming to look at initially, he’ll quickly turn into your best friend.

Watch this heartwarming video to see Wilder in action.

At Proud Source Water, we have a similar mission. Our goal is to keep our earth beautiful and pristine by diverting bottles from landfills and donating $5 million to give back to the environment by 2030. We’ve partnered with organizations like the Surfrider Foundation and 1% for the Planet to extend our efforts in global impact, and we hope to continue to grow our network of like-minded individuals as our brand evolves.

We encourage everyone to connect with the outdoors and find their happy place outside, whether that’s going for a short walk every day or endeavoring on a week-long camping trip. Anytime spent outside is time well spent. #ExplorewithProud