The Schippers with a group of students The Schippers with a group of students

Meet Hans & Nick

Meet Hans & Nick

Activists • Surfers • Legends

“Every chance we get to interact with students is a chance to inspire change. It’s about more than just plastic pollution. It’s about building community around what truly matters and instilling hope that we can and will have a better tomorrow.”  

Who are Hans and Nick?

Hans and Nick are brothers on a mission to create positive change in the world by educating our youth about plastic pollution, and providing the tools needed to take action in protecting our oceans. Hans and Nick travel around the coast, in their renovated school bus- Schroadtrip - spreading positive change wherever they go through organized cleanups and educational school visits.  

Their passion is to make the world a better place. It’s not just about plastic pollution, it's about providing hope, inspiration and having fun along the way. 

“Do the little things in your community. Individual action affected upon millions equals results.”

The Schipper Brothers standing on top of their van on a quiet road along the countryside.
Hans and Nick laughing together outside of their van.
Q & A

Q: What makes you proud?

A: What makes us Proud is the chance we have to create positive change in this world. Seeing communities come together and take action keeps us inspired that we have the power to change things for the better.

Q: Why do you feel connected to Proud Source Water? 

A: We are drawn to Proud because of their support of great organizations and companies around the world that are creating a positive impact. Proud Source is shifting the narrative of "disposable" although we always encourage reusable water bottles first. Proud Source is filling a gap that is missing as we transition to a more sustainable future. Being that we live in a fast-paced society people lean towards single use and having a single use water bottle that is 100% recyclable provides us with hope that we are moving in the right direction. They also have some rooted values in the community which is arguably the most important aspect to taking action on environmental issues.

Help Nick & Hans Give Back

Use code SchippersProud at checkout. 25% of all proceeds will go to supporting Hans and Nick as they continue to build upon their work for our future generations.