Shelby walking down a hallway shelby walking down a hallway

Meet Shelby Pine

Meet Shelby Pine

Adventurer • Dreamer • Photographer

Who is Shelby?

Shelby is a photographer living out her dreams of becoming a dancer in New York City. With a deep love for travel, at 26, she has traveled to over 65 countries, mostly alone. Shelby is one of those people who lights up the entire room and always leaves you feeling inspired to be better. 

Her acts of spreading love include volunteer work at a disabled orphanage in Kenya and Peru, teaching English in Cambodia, assisting sex trafficking victims in Morocco, and working in an Australian aboriginal hospital clinics. She is currently spending her time volunteering at a homeless shelter in NYC. A beautiful person inside and out, Shelby represents everything we stand for.

Shelby laughing and petting a baby elephant on one of her adventures across the world.
Shelby in an all white outfit staring seriously into the camera.
Q & A

Q: Why do you feel connected to Proud Source? 

A: I love Proud Source Water because it gives me hope for the future. Hope that people continue to fight for sustainability, to take care of one another and take care of this beautiful place we call our home. The water is delicious, obviously aesthetically pleasing and life changing. 

Q: What makes you proud?

A: I am proud when I see my friends and loved ones chasing their dreams. I think life is too short to not wake up every day doing what you love. I feel joy when I see people actively trying to make the world a better place.

Help Shelby Give back

Use code ShelbyProud at checkout. 25% of all proceeds will go back to Sackcloth and Ashes.