Chris talking in a huddle of basketball players Chris talking in a huddle of basketball players

Meet Chris Hyppa

Meet Chris Hyppa

Athlete • Trainer • Leader

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Who is Chris?

Chris Hyppa is a Seattle-based WNBA and NBA skills trainer with an energy that is contagious to anyone who meets him. Born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, Chris is a natural leader who has trained many well-known professional athletes, including Nate Robinson and Kelsey Plum.  

Chris is passionate about leaving the world better than he found it, both on and off the court. Through his passion for basketball and connecting with people, he is committed to making a difference to those around him. When he’s not running his own business, he works in conjunction with the local YMCA and Boys and Girls Club as a mentor and leader to youth in the Seattle area. 

Chris Hyppa smiling and dribbling on a basketball court, doing what he loves the most.
Chris sitting down on a rock, sipping on our natural alkaline water. Looking out over a beautiful lake.
Q & A

Q: Why do you feel connected to Proud Source Water? 

A: I love Proud Source Water because of their core values. With every bottle of water, they are doing their part to make this world a better place. I try to do the same, but my inspiration comes through the game of basketball. I never dreamed of becoming a trainer, I dreamt of playing. I dreamt of having an impact. I love Proud Source because we share that in common; we want to have a positive impact on every person we encounter! 

Q: What is something that makes you Proud? 

A: Two things that make me proud are my family (my wife and my son) and my business. Every day I wake up, fortunate to be able to do something I love and equally proud to do so with the ones I love surrounding me.

Help Chris give back

Use code ChrisProud at checkout. 25% of all proceeds will go back to 1% for the Planet.