Ashley standing in front of one of her works of art Ashley standing in front of one of her works of art

Meet Ashley Dreyfus

Meet Ashley Dreyfus

Mixed-Media Artist • Enthusiast • Community Leader

“If my art has taught me one thing, it’s that life is absurd and should be interpreted lightly and with humor.”

Who is Ashley?

Ashley Dreyfus is a self-taught mixed media artist based in Boise, Idaho. Her vibrant and interactive characters, whom she calls Alter Egos, represent her view of everyday life, filled with struggles and whimsical moments of fun, living in a world with no conformity.  

Over the past few years, Ashely has taken upon the challenge to create a new piece of art every day, which requires immense discipline and commitment. Her creativity has led her to develop art in many different mediums, giving her a very diverse portfolio they is displayed across the Boise area on murals, traffic boxes, and on the windows of dozens of businesses. 

Through her art, Ashley strives to portray inclusivity and positivity to her fanbase and community. 

Ashley high up on a ladder painting a mural in an alley way in Boise, Idaho. Full of beautiful bright colors and animated characters.
Ashley smiling at the camera with one of her signature art caricatures behind her.
q & A

Q: What makes you proud?

A: It makes me proud to be able to be able to contribute to causes and social movements that I believe in. I strive within my art practice to be fair, ethical, and offer a safe place for everyone, regardless of their beliefs.

Q: Why do you feel drawn to Proud Source Water? 

A: I am really drawn to Proud Source Water because it promotes a plastic-free water bottle source. As a truly transparent water company, I value the concept of a great water source being offered in an innovative container. Proud Source water is definitely the wave of the future. I have switched and you should too!

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