Our Story

Proud Source Water is proud to call Mackay its home

Proud Source Water is about people and planet. From day one, our commitment to people in small town communities have defined purpose in our brand. Creating new jobs in rural America is a pillar within our brand, as well as supporting important community events like rodeos, little leagues, and educational support. Our local communities protect our natural resources which is why it is so critical to support where we can.

An elevated view of the Rocky Mountains behind Mt. McCaleb
beautiful waterfall in a mountain steam in Idaho Rocky Mountains
INvesting in our Future

The Earth knows more about water than we ever will. We are proud to follow its lead, and our commitment as a brand is to evolve with – not against our planet. This is not about us, the aluminum bottles, the minerals or even the filtration. This is about principles. Principles that spring from a bedrock of transparency, integrity and truth. We support our planet and cherish the beauty it produces and hope our source of pride resonates with you. 

Locally Sourced

Proud Source Water has two springs in the United States. Our spring locations allow us to ship 95% of the United States within a 1,200 square mile radius. This helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Fans of Proud Source Water holding up our aluminum bottles. Cheers with Aluminum Water Bottled

A Plastic Free Future

A Plastic Free Future

World's Most Sustainable Packaging