Water Fall in the Rocky Mountains Waterfall in the Rocky Mountains

Natural Alkaline
Spring Water

Natural Alkaline
Spring Water

Our Source of water lies deep within the Earth's granite crust, evolved from the Yellowstone Super-volcano caldera.

Proud Source Water exists to offer customers the finest spring water in the most sustainable manner. As a brand, we will only offer natural alkaline spring water from a protected water source. You won’t find any additives in our water – only natural minerals and electrolytes. Man made is not best made. The Earth knows more about water than we ever will. 


Mackay, Idaho is in an historic region in the Rocky Mountains with a storied past of seismic, volcanic activity. Ancient layers of rock provide natural filtration and rich minerals.

Beautiful scene of the Idaho Rocky Mountains
Road sign of Mackay Idaho

Proud Source water conserves our spring source by pledging to never take more than 5% of the spring output. We create impact in the community by creating new jobs in a once vibrant mining town.


We’ve built an NSF certified bottling facility at the base of our Spring source.  We use a gravity fed water delivery system and radiant floor heating to reduce our energy consumption.  Only aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material, is our choice in bottle. 

Sunlight on evergreen trees in the Rocky Mountains


Not only is this the BEST water I have tasted but the story is incredible. I feel good  knowing where this water is coming from. So glad I found this product


This water is amazing. The bottle keeps it so cold and tastes amazing. I am oddly picky about how bottled water tastes but this was perfect!

Florida Water Source - fresh spring water with clear blue water.

Our East Coast Water Source

Our East Coast Water Source

Second water source in Florida- Coming Soon