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Apalachicola Forest

Apalachicola Forest

Proud Source Water exists to offer customers the finest spring water in the most sustainable ways. As a brand, we will only offer natural alkaline spring water from a protected water source. You won’t find any additives in our water – only natural minerals and electrolytes. Man made is not best made. The Earth knows more about water than we ever will. 


The Apalachicola Forest is situated in the Florida Uplands located adjacent to the coastal plains. The region is renowned for beautiful forests land with fresh-water springs formed by deep, underground limestone rock. At 8.1 pH, our water is natural, alkaline spring water with a unique mineral content. 

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Proud Source water conserves the spring source by pledging to never take more than 5% of the spring output. We create impact in the community by creating new jobs in a rural town of Marianna, Florida.


We’ve built a best in class bottling facility at the source of the spring with a keen focus on sustainability. This facility is working toward being 100% powered by solar energy and is completely off the grid.

Natural Spring in Florida with crystal clear blue water


From the corner of my eye I spotted your lovely bottle. The fact that it wasn't made from plastic instantly made me put the one I had down and pick yours! The fact that a water bottle company is thinking of the environment is very refreshing. Almost as refreshing as your water.

Abby P.

I am a massive fan of your products! Thank you for making a product that is not only high in quality but is also sourced with integrity.

Phil H.
Waterfall in the Rocky Mountains

Our West Coast Water Source

Our West Coast Water Source

Our primary water source is found in the pristine Rocky Mountains.