Loki and Kelly in a dank forest. Loki and Kelly in a dank forest.

Meet Loki & Kelly

Meet Loki & Kelly

Photographer • Soulmates • Adventurers


Kelly  lives in Colorado with his girlfriend, Ally, and their two dogs, Loki and Bailey. Originally, he moved to CO to pursue work in the outdoor industry. Today, he's involved with many different companies and thrives on adventure and celebrating the outdoors.

Loki became an Instagram superstar several years back, and Kelly has followed that into photography work with many other collaboration opportunities. They travel as much as they can, having journeyed all the way to the top of Alaska down to the bottom of Baja. 

Kelly and Ally and their two dogs Bailey and Loki sitting in the back of their car smiling.
Loki licking Kelly's face while standing on a piece of wood.
Q & A

Q: Why do you love Proud Source Water?

A: I am proud we have a life that inspires others to live a life more deeply connected to their dogs.

Q: What is something that makes you Proud? 

A: The story of Mackay and their water is so rich. It would be hard not to love a company that supports a community like that. The water tastes incredible, and Proud Source is packaging it the right way.

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Use code KellyLokiProud at checkout. 25% of all proceeds will go back to Working Dogs for Conservation.