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The Ripple Effect

Purified Water vs. Spring Water

While shopping at your local grocery store, you may see two recurring types of bottled water- purified water and spring water. Known to some, but unknown to many, purified water and spring water are vastly different and not created equal.

Let’s take a look at the differences between these two water types.

Purified Water 

First, all drinking water is filtered, but the degree of filtration sets the water apart.

Purified water can come from any water source; however, it most commonly begins as tap water sourced from a densely populated municipality and then treated to meet the U.S Pharmacopeia definition of purified water. Purified water is allowed to have ten parts per million (ppm) of impure water. 1ppm is equivalent to one milligram of particles in one liter of water. Purified water filters out all things- the bad and the good.  

How a water treatment plant works.

(Photo Credit: American Water)

Surprisingly, almost 64% of bottled water comes from municipal tap water sources. This means you are likely paying a large sum of money for bottled water that you could be getting directly from your sink- depending on your local source. 

What’s more, since purified water is often filtered tap water, it typically neglects to offer any natural minerals or nutrients.

Spring Water

By definition, spring water is water sourced from an underground aquifer. The origin of spring water is from nature, not a man made municipal system. 

Depending on the source, spring water may or may not go through additional filtration treatments before hitting the shelves of your local store. However, since spring water is more pure and void of chemicals, it typically does not go through as intense of a filtration process as purified water.

Mackay, Idaho. Proud Source Water's water source

Proud Source Water is pristine Rocky Mountain spring water, and although we lightly filter our water for any impurities, we keep all the excellent naturally occurring nutrients for you to enjoy!