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The Ripple Effect

How do we plant trees?

Proud Partner Ecodrive

With the help of our partner Ecodrive, we plant a tree for every online order and every review left on our website. That’s over 3,000 trees and counting! These efforts contribute to carbon reduction as well as poverty alleviation.

How does it work?

Ecodrive has planted 433,747 trees since 2020. The organization hires local villagers living in extreme poverty in Madagascar to plant trees. Proud Source funds the cost of the tree seedling and the wage of the local villagers hired to plant and maintain the trees as they grow.

Why mangrove trees? 

We’re glad you asked. Ecodrive specifically chose to plant mangrove trees because they are the highest carbon sequestering trees in the world. Every mangrove tree planted removes over 308kg (680 lbs) of CO2 from the atmosphere over the growth life of the tree.

It is our mission to empower you with a product you can feel good about purchasing. Your support today will lead to a cleaner earth tomorrow.