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The Ripple Effect

Driving Sustainability at the Miami Grand Prix

We are proud to partner with Hardrock Stadium: home of the Formula1 Miami Grand Prix. 

Formula One (F1) is the most competitive international racing for open-wheel single-seater formula racing cars in the world.  

The F1 World Championship Season has races that occur all over the world at intentionally built circuits and sometimes on closed city streets. One of these races happens at the Hardrock Stadium, home of the Miami Grand Prix.  

F1 is on a mission to use only recyclable or compostable materials and ensure 100% of waste at their events are re-used, recycled or composted. By providing guests with water in packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum, Proud Source Water is playing a huge role in helping the Miami race qualify as a sustainable spectacle and create a positive race footprint. 

By partnering with the Hardrock Stadium, we will divert 600,000 plastic water bottles from this event. 

Diverting 600,000 plastic bottles is the equivalent of saving 402,000 ounces of CO2 or the emissions from driving 28,111 miles. That means we are saving the equivalent carbon emissions from 10 road trips from LA to Miami!  

*this is based on a plastic bottle made with .67 oz of PET and the miles driven from an average gasoline vehicle.  

We are proud to help improve the sustainability of the Miami Grand Prix.