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The Ripple Effect

Busting The Myth: Is Aluminum Bad For You?

A common misconception we hear is “Aluminum is bad for you, glass is better!” 

So, let’s break down this myth and tell you why we chose aluminum as our sustainable packaging. 

  “Why package in aluminum?”

    When it comes to recycling, aluminum is the easiest material to recycle and producing material from recycled aluminum saves more energy than recycling plastic or glass. 

    • Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. 
    • Aluminum beverage cans have over 10x the amount of recycled content than plastic.
    • The recycle rate for aluminum is higher than glass and plastic. Historically, the consumer recycle rate for aluminum beverage cans is ~50%.
    • Aluminum can be recycled and put back on shelf in as little as 60 days.
    • Aluminum is more valuable than any other material, this encourages more people to recycle items packaged in aluminum.
    • Aluminum cans can be made with up to 73% recycled aluminum content.

    Proud Source bottles are made with 100% aluminum, with 25% of that aluminum being post-consumer recycled. So, when it comes to choosing the most sustainable material for our product, there is no question that aluminum is the best choice!


     2.   “Is aluminum packaging bad for you?”

    You deserve to know what’s in your water and what’s in the packaging. Within our aluminum bottle is a liner that is designed to act as a barrier to protect the packaged product from the aluminum substrate, and conversely to protect the can from the product - making it completely safe to consume. 

    • The liner is a high-grade polyester-based coating that uses zero BPA in its formulation.
    • The liner’s coating has no styrene and complies with Prop 65 NSRL. 
    • Each bottle receives a flexible coating on the entire surface – both inside and out. 
    • The coating (liner) constitutes a very small percentage of the total bottle by weight.

    Don’t worry, the liner is driven off completely in the recycling process and does not affect the recyclability!


    “Is glass the better option for packaging?”

    When it comes to sustainability, aluminum is the clear winner over glass. 

    When consumers drink from our aluminum bottles we aim to inspire them to reuse and recycle, creating circularity. 

    At Proud, we feel responsible for taking care of our planet, and we’re on a mission to make a real impact within the bottled water industry. We are proud to offer America’s highest quality spring water in the most sustainable packaging ever- a 100% plastic free, infinitely recyclable aluminum bottle.