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The Ripple Effect

We've Been a B Corp for 3 Years!

Proud Source has been a Certified B Corporation since July of 2019.

What is a Certified B Corporation?

Certified B Corporations are companies that are held to the highest social and environmental standards. This community of businesses do more than make a profit, they prioritize people and the planet in everything they do. There are more than 1,700 B Corps in the US and Canada. These companies include: Patagonia, Tillamook, Warby Parker, Athleta, Grove Collaborative, Bombas, etc.

Why are we a B Corp?

We believe in Water Done Different & using Business as a Force for Good.

As a B Corp, we are on a mission to continuously increase our impact. Each year we make improvements to every part of our business to benefit our customers, workers, community, and the environment.

A few things that we want to celebrate…
  1. We are Mission Locked: our legal framework requires ​​consideration of all stakeholders
  2. We have partnered with Waste Management to track and reduce our Carbon Emissions
  3. Our new partnership with Replenysh and Ball Corporation will recapture more aluminum in the supply chain
  4. We donate $100,000 toward outdoor cleanups every year
How do you become a B Corp?

To become a Certified B Corporation you must do these three things:

  • Pass the B Impact Assessment with a score of 80 or higher
  • Adjust your legal framework to account for all stakeholders
  • Publish your B Impact Report in the B Corp Directory 

Check out our Impact Report from 2022 

Our goal is to continuously increase our impact and to have increased our initial score by 40% by 2025. 

Learn more about B Corporations by visiting: