Luke and his family lifting up proud source Water bottles Luke and his family lifting up proud source Water bottles

Meet Luke Caldwell

Meet Luke Caldwell

Designer • Father • Visionary

Who is Luke?

Luke Caldwell is a designer and home renovator from Boise, Idaho. You may recognize him from the popular HGTV show Boise Boys, but what you may not know is that Luke is a devoted father to seven children, five of whom he and his wife Miranda adopted.

Luke’s motivation in life is simple. Everything he does comes from the dedication he has for his family. He began flipping homes as a way to pay for the high cost of adoption, and since then, his passion for design has turned into a profitable business and provided him a worldwide platform to share his talents. Above all else, he never loses sight of what’s most important to him- family.

Luke Caldwell and his wife smiling for a photo in their home.
Luke and his family outside of his business, Timber and Love.
Q & A

Q: Why do you love Proud Source Water?

A: The fact that Proud Source is bottled here in the mountains of my home state of Idaho is amazing.  The taste of the water is crisp, cold, and satisfying. Absolutely my favorite water!

Q: What is something that makes you Proud? 

A: I would say the one thing that makes me the most proud in my life is being a husband and Dad. My family is everything to me and I am so thankful for our lives together as a family.

Help Luke Giveback

Use code LukeProud at checkout. 25% of all proceeds will go back to Charity Water.