Proud Source Water bottles on a restaurant table with flowers. Cheers with Aluminum Water Bottled

Proud Source Water served on-premise

Proud Source Water served on-premise

Let customers enjoy Proud Source Water at your restaurant or bar


Proud Source Water is a refreshing and sustainable choice to add to your drink menu. The unrivaled taste of Proud Source Water is the perfect complement to any mixed drink. With a resealable bottle it is a perfect option for customers to take with them on the go.

Proud Source Water Sparkling 16 Oz. pouring into cocktail with Bartender
Proud Source Water 16 Oz Sparkling water on table with flowers
Customers enjoying Proud Source Sparkling Water at the table

Only the finest spring, or sparkling spring water deserves to accompany the chef's delightful creations. Served at the table or grab and go style - Proud Source Water offers a sustainable, locally sourced option in a resealable aluminum bottle and cap.

Chef Testimonials

Chef David Skinner

"We heard nothing but compliments from all of our guests and chefs when it came to Proud Source Water. Everybody complimented on the taste and superior packaging."

Chef David Duarte

"Proud Source Water has great packaging that leaves a smaller footprint on our environment and an amazing crisp taste- without the normal bottled water aftertaste."

Chef Luc McCabe

"Proud Source Water has a crisp, clean, refreshing taste- especially flowing from the aluminum can... the most refreshing water I've consumed."