5 Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

23 August, 11:51pm

5 Health Benefits of Naturally Alkaline Water

Published by Kaloni Pennington


Our ancestors turned to natural springs for water to nourish their bodies but as we evolved, so has the way we consume water. Whether it’s from your kitchen sink tap or a big name brand, the water we consume today is not the nutrient-dense alkaline water that powered our ancestors. Even many alkaline waters sold in present day stores don’t have the same high quality. That’s why you might want to consider drinking natural alkaline water.

Natural alkaline water comes directly from the ground and is organically alkalized by rocks present in natural springs. The minerals in these rocks become infused with the water, providing it with organic nutrients. These nutrients have many positive effects on our overall health.

Let’s discuss the benefits of drinking natural alkaline water and how to differentiate between different types of alkaline bottled water.

What is Natural Alkaline Water?

Whenever you see the words “alkaline water,” on a bottle of water, it is in reference to the pH level of the product. The pH balance is a sliding scale from 0 to 14 of how acidic or alkaline a substance is, where 1 is highly acidic and 13 is highly alkaline.

In today’s fast-paced world, we have developed some habits that are questionable to our health, potentially altering the makeup of our stomach acid. Acid is essential to our bodies because it helps digest food and rids the gut of foreign antibodies. Consequently, too much acid may also be potentially harmful to good bacteria.

Gastric acid levels have increased as our dependence on processed foods, artificial additives, and refined sugars has also increased. As probiotics in your stomach become comprised, it allows free radicals to expand their presence in the gut, which could become a catalyst for disease.

Typical drinking water has a neutral pH of 7, which isn’t ample enough to counterbalance high levels of acid. However, alkaline minerals help keep acid levels in the stomach stable. Drinking alkaline bottled water that has a higher pH level of either an 8 or 9 can help even out this discrepancy.

Alkaline Water vs. Natural Alkaline Water

For starters, if you don’t see the word “natural” on your alkaline bottled water label, then it’s neither the purest nor most nutrient-dense product.

Many alkaline bottled water companies put their water through a chemical process known as electrolysis. These companies take government-sourced water that has both positively and negatively charged minerals and separates the two sources. This process creates two streams of water...one high is alkaline water and the other is acidic water. Only 1% of the natural water in this world is highly alkaline. At Proud Source Water, our aquifer is located between active faults near the Yellowstone volcanic caldera. As the tectonic plates move, it applies pressure on the water present in the earth’s crust. This pressure forces the water through fissures created by the plate movements. Once on surface level, the natural spring water makes its way downstream, collecting nutrients from the rocks it flows over.

These rocks contain many micronutrients essential in maintaining optimal pH balance such as:

• Bicarbonates

• Calcium

• Magnesium

• Potassium

• Silica

• Sodium

This natural alkaline water flows toward a protected spring in Custer County, Idaho. Gravity delivers the water supply at a high rate to our plant located 500 feet below the spring at the base of Mt. McCaleb.

Being below the spring allows us to bottle the natural alkaline water at the source without the need for delivery trucks or electrical pumps. This is not only good for the environment, but also for preserving the minerals in our water.

Now that you know how we bottle Proud Source Water, let’s take a look at the top 5 health benefits of drinking natural alkaline water!

#1: Natural Alkaline Water Helps with Acid Reflux

According to several sources, acid reflux can leave one feelinguncomfortable. A natural source like alkaline water might be an effective treatment to even out this discomfort. One study found that consuming water with a pH level of 8.8 helps fight off acid reflux.

Natural alkaline water can be effective against acid reflux because the condition stems from an enzyme known as pepsin. This protein molecule is the precursor to acid reflux and survives in a highly acidic system. Consuming alkaline water can help balance out the high levels of acid, making it harder for pepsin to survive.

#2: Alkaline Bottled Water Helps Performance

People will often turn to sugary sports drinks for a boost in the gym but this study found that drinking alkaline water everyday can have a positive effect on “hydration status after anaerobic exercise.”

Further research in this study confirmed that drinking alkaline bottled water will have a positive effect on the pH levels of urine. This helps the body use lactic acid more efficiently.

Lactic acid can be a nourishment for your muscles. However, it’s also why you feel pain as you workout. Therefore, drinking alkaline bottled water during your gym session can potentially will help with the soreness that stems from a high-intensity workout.

#3: Natural Alkaline Water Fights Metal Toxicity

Some cities’ tap water may potentially carry toxic minerals deemed unsafe for consumption and in turn, our hormones, blood sugar levels, and metabolism can become imbalanced. Thankfully, natural alkaline water helps draw away heavy metals from the tissues by guiding them to the liver. Inside the liver, the metals get filtered and removed from our body through our urine.

#4: Alkaline Water Helps You Naturally Lose Weight

Ridding our body of metal toxins can have many positive effects. One such change is weight loss. As metals fill the system, they begin to hoard fat cells. When this happens, it creates a barrier, harboring more acid. In the end, these metals foster an environment where inflammations thrive andthese inflammations can result in gut fat.

#5: Natural Alkaline Water for Heart Health

One of the greatest benefits of alkaline water is helping fight off conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, which are all linked to cardiovascular disease.

A study found that natural alkaline water helped clear out plaque buildups, potentially aiding in blood properly pumping to and from the heart optimally. In addition, balancing out the pH levels in the gut reduces inflammations that contribute to diabetes, high blood pressure, or cardiovascular disease.

Feel Healthy Naturally with Alkaline Water

We need water to survive. Drinking water that benefits your chances of that survival is easy and effective. Simply make sure you drink natural alkaline water.

Drinking natural alkaline bottled water can help improve many aspects of your life. By balancing the pH levels in your system, you can help fight off acid reflux, improve performance, remove toxins from your system, lose weight, and potentially aid in optimal heart function. Just remember, not all alkaline water is equal. Be sure to get natural alkaline water mineralized by the earth.

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